Information for people on probation
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Information for people on probation

Has the court sentenced you to a community or suspended sentence order?

Have you left prison on a licence or under post-sentence supervision?

We can help move away from offending behaviour and make positive changes to your life.  Once we have assessed your needs, you will be involved in developing a sentence plan with your case manager. The plan will set out what you need to do to successfully complete your sentence and the support we will give you with your rehabilitation. We will focus on the main problem areas linked to your reoffending, such as:

  • Help to find a place to live
  • Help to find a job
  • Alcohol and drug issues
  • Building positive relationships or dealing with problems.

We will make sure you understand your sentence plan and refer to it throughout your sentence. This will help you feel more in control of what is happening, the steps you can take and the support that is available to you.

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