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At Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire Probation Services, having a skilled workforce is essential for us to deliver successful rehabilitation services that help people on probation to change their behaviour. We invest in staff to train the probation experts of the future. We have pioneered the development of two nationally recognised probation apprenticeship standards that offer training and career progression opportunities to probation staff.

Our employee’s shared motivation and goal is to reduce reoffending and keep safe the communities in which we operate.

Employees in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire
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Executive team

Suki Binning

Chief Executive, KSS CRC
Suki led Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company (KSS CRC) through transition to the private sector. Suki has worked for over 23 years in probation and is a passionate advocate for its role in protecting the public and helping people to turn away from crime. Under her leadership, government inspectors judged KSS CRC's leadership as outstanding and praised the service for its innovative work with service users. In 2018, the area became the first in the UK to launch an academic research unit for probation work, drawing on probation and academic expertise to evaluate what works to reduce reoffending. Suki is a qualified probation officer and has previously worked at the Ministry of Justice, the National Offender Management Service - now called Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) - and inspectorate on national policy and standards.
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Cynthia Allen

Deputy Chief Probation Officer, KSS CRC
Cynthia is a qualified probation officer. She has over 30 years' experience of working in the criminal justice system including London, Merseyside and Kent, Surrey and Sussex Probation Services. Cynthia has worked in a range of roles based in the community, in prison and in approved premises, including responsibility for the delivery of Community Payback and rehabilitative programmes. Cynthia has been a senior leader for the last 13 years and is currently Deputy Chief Probation Officer, with a particular focus on service development. Cynthia believes strongly that individuals have the capacity to make positive changes in their lives and that the reduction of reoffending requires good engagement with service users and strong partnership working.
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Graham Wines

Deputy Chief Executive, KSS CRC
Graham has worked across both public and private sectors, shaping organisational approach to change and people management. As a previous Head of HR for a variety of companies, he brings a track record of understanding the strategic needs of an organisation and delivering solutions to enable success. Graham now brings this strategic and practical experience to KSS CRC’s excellence and effectiveness function, where he will be ensuring that the Community Rehabilitation Company's (CRC) strategy and leadership, policy and process, as well as innovation and culture, are aligned and all working together to achieve our objectives.
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Senior leadership team

Peter Brandt

Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Case Management, Somerset
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Marilyn Harrison

Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Case Management, Bristol and South Gloucestershire
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Richard Temple

Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Case Management, Gloucester and Wiltshire
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Kerri Nason

Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Community Payback, South West
Kerri has worked in the probation service for over 25 years after joining the service as a volunteer. She qualified as a probation officer in 1998 and has worked in offender management and courts in Devon and Cornwall before becoming a Senior Probation Officer. As a Senior Probation Officer, she had responsibility for courts, offender management, community payback, safeguarding, public protection and domestic abuse. Kerri was seconded to the local criminal justice board to help set up the community advice and support desks in court. Since then, she has had a variety of assistant chief probation officer roles, including leading the development of the Integrated Offender Management Team (Turnaround) and Local Delivery Unit Head for Devon and Cornwall. In 2018, she became the senior manager with responsibility for community payback.
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Rosie O'Hagen

Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Head of Interventions, South West
Rosie has worked in the probation service for over 33 years. With a background of working in mental health and homelessness in London, she moved to Bristol after qualifying as a probation officer. Rosie has worked in courts, prisons and programmes, before becoming a Practice Development Assessor, managing trainee probation officers for six years. Her first management role was with Integrated Offender Management across South Gloucestershire and Bath and South East Somerset, establishing strong partnership working in both areas. After the government’s Transforming Rehabilitation programme, Rosie became the lead for women’s services for the then two community rehabilitation companies in the south-west of England. Rosie is passionate about ensuring the needs of women involved in the criminal justice system are identified, their adverse childhood experiences are properly addressed through interventions, and staff are engaged in delivering trauma-informed approaches. She collaborates with both national and local partner agencies to build a whole system approach to working with women at each stage of the criminal justice system. Rosie was appointed Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Head of Interventions South West, in October 2018 and oversees the delivery of accredited programmes and group rehabilitation activity requirement activities across our two south-west probation services.
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Liz Watkins

Deputy Chief Probation Officer, Transformation
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Debbie Piggott

Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Research and Policy Development
Since qualifying in 2003 as a Probation Officer in London, Debbie has managed a variety of multi-disciplinary teams, including courts and integrated offender management (IOM). She has an impressive track record, working with key criminal justice stakeholders and partners. Amongst other projects, Debbie steered the design and implementation of a multi-agency domestic abuse perpetrators panel (MADAPP) and led the development and implementation of a harmonised integrated service user management framework across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Debbie has revised Seetec Group’s safeguarding policies and procedures, led the design of its safeguarding recording apps and the implementation of these new policies and procedures across UK and Ireland operations. Debbie is now responsible for policy development and our research unit ensuring that policy and practice is responding to emerging and evolving trends in probation, crime and criminal justice.
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Jane Port

Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Learning and Development
Jane has over 14 years’ experience of working in probation, spanning case management, integrated offender management, group work interventions and court work. As a former Quality Development Officer, Vocational Qualifications Assessor and most recently a Practice Development Manager, she is passionate about helping people to grow through learning and development opportunities and has delivered training to probation staff. As well as being a qualified Probation Officer, Jane holds teaching, workplace coaching, assessing and quality assurance qualifications and is also an Ofqual Expert . She leads on the internal quality assurer for probation practice qualifications our in-house Vocational Qualification Centre delivers, chairs the level 3 probation practice apprenticeship development group and is developing the level 6 probation officer apprenticeship with other employees. Jane has responsibility for developing the strategy for practice learning and development across all our KSS CRC regions.
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