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Resettlement services

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We work with Catch22, a not for profit social business, to provide resettlement services to people who the courts have given a prison sentence. Resettlement teams work with individuals during their last 12 weeks in prison. This support continues after release through the supervision of licences and post-sentence supervision, by community-based case managers. This support is known as Through the Gate (TTG).

Following sentence, a case support worker will complete an assessment with the service user in prison to identify any immediate needs. From this they develop a personal resettlement plan to best prepare them for their release.

We help the service user to:

Find somewhere to live

Manage their finances and debt

Find a suitable job

Find training or education courses

Maintain positive relationships

Access health services

Think about their choices in life

Access specialist support services

Resettlement teams work in prisons as well as in the community to make sure support continues after a person is released.

We work with community and prison services including healthcare, housing providers, drug treatment services and education providers.

By working together, we can align our services to the needs of individual service users to help them turn their lives around, avoid reoffending and prevent a return to prison.